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Thinkware Radar Module

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Increase the efficiency of your Thinkware U1000's parking surveillance with the new Thinkware Radar Module.

Catch bad guys in their tracks!  The Radar Module allows your U1000 to capture pre-event footage by detecting objects before any impact occurs.  Save more energy too!  Compared to Motion Detection Mode, the Radar Module in Energy Saving Mode lasts up to 6 times longer.

If you’re someone who has to leave your car parked for days at a time maybe at the airport, or maybe you just want to be extra careful wherever you’re parked, the Thinkware RADAR Module is a great accessory and definitely worth it for the enhanced parking surveillance. 


  • Enhances Parking Surveillance
    Radar technology detects objects before they impact your vehicle allowing your dash cam to otherwise remain in Energy Saving Mode.

  • Captures Pre-Event Footage
    Records 10 seconds before an impact and 10 seconds after.

  • Extends Parking Mode Duration
    Energy Saving Mode lasts up to 6 times longer when compared to Motion Detection Mode.


  • Compatibility: Works with Thinkware U1000
  • Detection Distance Range: approx. 23 feet
  • Detection Horizontal Angle Range: approx. 80°
  • Detection Vertical Angle Range: approx. 35°
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 1.89 x 1.42 x 1.65 in
  • Weight: 0.126 lb
  • Operating Temperature: -30℃~75℃ / -86°F~167°F
  • Power Consumption: approx. 35 mAh

*Radar motion detection is only enabled in Energy Saving Mode 2.0. Be sure to change your settings within the Thinkware app. Not every object is guaranteed to be detected. Metal objects may cause the radar to not detect motion properly. Install as far away as possible from metal parts of the rearview mirror/ADAS sensors.

What's In The Box

  • Thinkware Radar Module
  • Product Manual