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Tech Support

CarTeck Now offers free tech support with every purchase. That's right -- free! We understand that DIY projects can sometimes get confusing, but not when you have our car tech experts on your side.  If your question is as complicated as figuring out wiring, or as simple as finding the 'ON' button, we're here to help.

Tech Support Hours

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Monday-Friday: 9am-7pm ET
Saturday: CLOSED
Sunday: CLOSED

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Free With Every Purchase

Did we mention our tech support is free? Be confident you can complete your next DIY project knowing that you have the backing of our car tech experts.  Reached a snag replacing your stereo? Not sure how to wire that new dash cam? No idea why that red light keeps blinking? Don't pay to bring your car into the shop or installer bay.  Just give us a call and our tech support team will guide you through it for free!

MECP Certified

All of our car tech experts are MECP certified (Mobile Electronics Certified Professional). MECP is the only nationally recognized program that certifies technicians for automotive information technology, entertainment, navigation, safety, and security systems. Rest assured, when you contact us, you'll be working with qualified industry professionals.

Free Consultation

Not sure if a certain product is compatible with your vehicle? Wondering what other options are out there? We can help with that! We understand that you might need help before making any big purchase, that's why our tech team is also available for free over-the-phone consultations. 

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