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FAQ: Most Asked Questions About Bluetooth Devices

by Shopify API

Bluetooth devices and converters have become the norm in the world of car audio accessories in the past couple years. But that being said, they still can be tricky to figure out! We at CarTeck Now have top of the line Bluetooth accessories.

They are built to last and easy to install, though that doesn't always mean we still don't hit some snags in the setup process.

Every user is different, and we all miss some steps from time to time.

Our awesome tech support team gathered our most asked questions for each of our Bluetooth pieces, and we got the A's to your Q's!

Bluetooth Products FAQ

Can I make phone calls use the ISBT32?

The ISBT32 is designed only to stream your music handsfree, so it does not include phone call control. We highly recommend the ISBT52 if you are looking for a more well rounded bluetooth option for your car.

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Do I have to charge the ISBT38?

Yes! This is the most asked question and we totally understand why. The tape deck in a car does not actually supply any power to a device inserted in it. It’s just a way to connect to the audio system in the car. So in order to keep the bluetooth hub powered, every week or so give it a charge (depending on how often you use the Cassette Adapter), and you are good to go!

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How to do I connect my phone to the right channel?

The IBST43 will automatically choose a vacant frequency when you first plug it in to your 12Volt outlet most times, if not, scan you radio to an empty station (it will have a lot of static), then tune your ISBT43 to that perfect FM station. Then connect your phone to “BLUSTREAM” on the Bluetooth network list in your settings, and that's it!

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What do I actually need in my car for this to work?

You need and AUX input, 12volt plug, and that's it! All that's left is connecting the device you want to hook up to the ISBT52.
You car definitely needs an AUX input for the ISBT52 to feed audio into your car’s speakers, without it, there is no audio.

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Technology is constantly changing and we aim to keep everyone, no matter their technical skill level, connected and up to speed.

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to our Tech Support team. They are the most knowledgable people in our CarTeck Now family and are more than happy to help you with any of your technical needs. Find out how to get in touch with the button below.

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