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Four Easy Ways To Add Bluetooth To Your Car

by CarTeck Now

New cars these days all seem to come standard with Bluetooth. Drivers can easily stream music, listen to podcasts, and make phone calls all hands-free.

It's clear to see: Bluetooth adds many conveniences to modern driving.

But if you don't already have it, how can you add Bluetooth to your car?

You could buy a new car, but what if you can't afford a new car?

What if you really like your current car?

Here are four easy ways to add Bluetooth to your existing car.

1. Add A Bluetooth Receiver

If your car has an AUX port, by far the easiest way to add Bluetooth would be with a Bluetooth receiver. Simply plug the Bluetooth receiver into your car's AUX port and pair your smartphone to the Bluetooth receiver.

Not all Bluetooth receivers are made the same, however. When shopping for the best one that fits your needs, keep in mind that the best Bluetooth receivers should:

  • Be ultra compact -- no need to add unnecessary clutter to your dash.
  • Have a rechargeable, long-lasting battery -- don't get stuck with a dead battery.
  • Allow multiple connections -- especially if multiple people use your car, you'll want a Bluetooth receiver that allows for multiple connections.

No AUX port? No problem! You can still add Bluetooth to your car.

For those without an AUX port, a Bluetooth FM transmitter is the next best thing.

2. Add An FM Transmitter

While the Bluetooth receivers mentioned above transmit audio through a car's AUX port, FM transmitters send audio to a radio frequency. Just connect your smartphone to the FM transmitter via Bluetooth, then tune your car's stereo to the same frequency as the FM transmitter.

FM transmitters may not be for everyone. Poor quality FM transmitters will produce poor audio quality through your car's speakers. It may be worth spending a little extra to make sure you get a quality FM transmitter. Quality FM transmitters should have:

  • Built-in power supply -- FM transmitters usually plug directly into your car's 12V socket or USB port.
  • Extra ports -- since an FM transmitter would use up one of your power supply ports, finding one with included ports is a great feature that allows you to charge your phone at the same time.
  • Integrated phone functionality -- the best FM transmitters allow you to answer calls, skip tracks, and extend the usability of your phone.

Believe it or not, you can use your cassette player for Bluetooth!

If you don't have an AUX port but have a cassette player, a Bluetooth cassette adapter is another great option.

3. Add A Cassette Adapter

A Bluetooth cassette adapter will look and feel like any other cassette -- except this cassette includes a rechargeable battery that allows it to power its Bluetooth reception. Simply pair your phone to the Bluetooth cassette adapter and play the cassette through your car's cassette deck to enjoy audio from your phone.

Don't want to or can't use your car stereo?

4. Add A Bluetooth Speaker

There are dedicated Bluetooth speakers for the car where they can either attach to your car's visor or windshield. Your audio, of course, would be handled by this speaker instead of your car's stereo, but you also have the option of taking the Bluetooth speaker with you wherever you go.

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