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Do You Need A Dash Cam?

by CarTeck Now

Let me present you with a scenario:

You’re driving down the road and you approach a vehicle already stopped at a traffic light. You slow down and stop a few feet behind this vehicle. The light turns green and all of a sudden, the car in front lurches backward and smashes your front bumper! They had the shifter in reverse by accident! Thankfully, you’re safe, but your front end is badly damaged.

Fast forward and the police arrive. They question the driver who backed into you, and to your surprise, the driver claims you ran into them! There are no other witnesses, so it’s your word against the other driver’s. By default, a rear end collision is the fault of the driver in the back, so the officer has no choice but to cite you for careless driving! Your day just got a lot worse.

But imagine if you had a dash cam installed…

If you had a dash cam installed, the ending of this story would be completely different. The police arrive, and you show them your dash cam footage. The video clearly shows the other driver backing into you. The other driver gets the ticket, their insurance pays for your damages, and all is right in the world!

This is just one of many examples of why you need a dash cam.

Whether you’re running errands, on your daily commute, or simply parked in your driveway, there are many situations where a dash cam can be a life saver.

In general, you need a dash cam because it can:

  • Save you money and frustration
  • Enhance your driving
  • Grant you peace of mind

Let's break it down...

Saves Money And Frustration

In the scenario above, you could have easily been charged with careless driving. That means you’ll need money to pay the citation, legal fees, driving school, insurance, and more. Not to mention the anger and frustration that comes along with it! Save yourself the money and frustration by getting a dash cam.

Enhances Your Driving

A lot of the newer car models include advanced driver assistance technologies like alerts for lane departure and forward collisions. What if I told you that adding a dash cam would be like driving a brand new car? Premium dash cams like the Thinkware F800Pro and Q800Pro, or the new Thinkware U1000 have advanced driving technologies already built in! These Thinkware models, for example, include features like:

  • Lane departure warning -- detects if the vehicle is veering out lanes.
  • Forward collision warning -- warns the driver of impending road hazards.
  • Front vehicle departure warning -- alerts the driver when the vehicle ahead moves.

Most Thinkware dash cams even include GPS so you can locate your vehicle. If you’re a fan of the latest driving technologies, but don’t necessarily want to pay for a new car, a premium dash cam might be for you.

Grants Peace Of Mind

Dash cams aren’t only useful for when you’re on the road, they also act as your car’s surveillance camera and security system while you’re away. The same Thinkware premium dash cams provide you surveillance features like:

  • Impact detection -- detects any impact while the vehicle is parked and automatically starts recording.
  • Motion detection -- detects any motion around vehicle for safety and prevention.
  • Time lapse -- save energy and record over long periods of time.

Of course, all surveillance features are optional with an Energy Saving Mode. 

It’s important to note that any dash cam with a parking surveillance mode will need a power source that works while the vehicle is off. This means cigarette lighter (12v) power adapters will NOT work for surveillance. Instead, a dash cam will need to be installed with a hardwiring kit attached to the vehicle’s fuse panel, or an OBD2 kit attached to the vehicle’s OBD2 port. We at CarTeck Now HIGHLY recommend the OBD2 installation option for any dash cam.

So, do you need a dash cam?

If you value your time, money, and peace of mind, and like the latest driving technologies, then to put it simply, the answer is yes.

Please note: CarTeck Now is the official distributor and proud seller of Thinkware dash cams. To shop the latest deals on our dash cams, visit our CarTeck Now shop here.

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