Buying Guides

  • Do You Really Need A New Car?

    Wishing your car had a touchscreen monitor? Jealous of your friend's Bluetooth calling?  Or maybe you just need a backup camera. We're here to tell...
  • Do You Need A Dash Cam?

    Whether you’re running errands, on your daily commute, or simply parked in your driveway, there are many situations where a dash cam can be a life saver.

    In general, you need a dash cam because it can save you money and frustration, enhance your driving, and grant you peace of mind.

  • Four Easy Ways To Add Bluetooth To Your Car

    New cars these days all seem to come standard with Bluetooth. Drivers can easily stream music, listen to podcasts, and make phone calls all hands-free.

    It's clear to see: Bluetooth adds many conveniences to modern driving.

    But if you don't already have it, how can you add Bluetooth to your car?


  • Buying Guide: Q800 vs U1000

    THINKWARE'S newest and greatest dash cams are both great in their own right, but which one is better? Most people asks this question when they begin shopping for a dash cam, but what you should really be asking is "which one is the right one for you?".